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Fire Extinguisher Inspection & Testing

The Firehouse Co. is committed to providing timely, consistent, and thorough fire extinguisher inspections. Our services will keep your equipment in proper working order, ensure compliance with local regulations and fire standards, and support the safety of your business personnel and property.

According to NFPA 10 and the Texas State Fire Marshal, an annual maintenance inspection of ALL fire extinguishers is required. Additionally, depending on the type of fire extinguisher, internal inspection/hydrostatic testing is required every 3 years for foam type, every 5 years for water type or high pressure extinguishers, and every 6 years for dry chemical/halogenated type extinguishers. These must be performed by a licensed technician.

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Fire Extinguisher Inspections

Annual fire extinguisher inspections must be completed by a certified fire extinguisher technician. The Firehouse Co. comes to your location to perform the required inspections and certify that your fire extinguisher is in good shape for your industry or business. The service or type of inspection is dependent on the equipment, its age, the industry, and other outside factors.

We Can Help With:

  • Annual inspections
  • Pressure level checks
  • Physical damage to equipment
  • Cleaning/Build-up Removal
  • Cylinder Refill
  • Examining the extinguishing agent
  • Recharge/Discharge
  • Testing for leaks
  • Replacement needs
  • Hydrostatic testing

Why Choose Us

The Firehouse Co. is fully certified and licensed to inspect, repair, or service fire extinguishers. We’re also owned by a local firefighter who adds knowledge of fire safety and training. Customers choose us for peace of mind when it comes to protecting their business.

On-Site Service

We come to you! We will conduct most regular inspections, maintenance, and testing* on-site in a quick and professional manner. *Per industry standards, DOT Class C cylinders must be tested off site.


We will ensure that all inspections, maintenance, and testing are recorded and attached, per regulations, to your fire extinguishers.


Through reminders and recurring appointments, we help our customers stay up-to-date on the frequency of their required inspection and testing.


We are certified, licensed and have the qualifications needed to maintain, inspect, and test your fire extinguishers.

Need a Fire Extinguisher Inspection? Let's Do It!

Things To Know

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Cycle



Annual Inspection

A thorough examination (and repair) of every portable fire extinguisher at your facility. This OSHA & NFPA requirement keeps your business compliant with fire code.


Internal Examination

Specialized testing is required every 5 or 6 years (depending on extinguisher type) to ensure all components are in working order. This includes a complete discharge, thorough internal examination of cylinder and valve assembly, and full recharge.


Hydrostatic Testing

Certain fire extinguishers require hydrostatic testing of the cylinder every 5 or 12 years (depending on extinguisher type). This specialized pressure testing is performed in accordance with NFPA 10 and the manufacturer specifications.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How often do my fire extinguishers need to be inspected?

Monthly, visible self-inspections should be conducted by in-house individuals. Annual inspections should be performed by certified technicians. Every 6 years, your fire extinguisher should be maintained and recharged by a certified technician. After 12 years, hydrostatic pressure testing should be performed by a certified technician.

What should I do to perform a monthly inspection of my fire extinguisher?

There are five main things to check monthly to inspect your fire extinguisher:

  1. Check to make sure your extinguisher is located in its designated location.
  2. Ensure that the fire extinguisher is visible or has signage pointing to its location for easy access in the event of an emergency.
  3. Check that the extinguisher is easy to gain access to.
  4. Make sure the extinguisher is full.
  5. Document your inspection.

What should I do if I’m not sure when the last time my fire extinguisher was inspected?

Reach out to us! We can do a full inspection and perform any maintenance or testing that is deemed necessary upon the inspection. We will make sure your extinguishers are reliable and ready to use in the event of an emergency situation.